Tips on How to Name Your Puppy

One of the most awaited parts of owning a dog is to give a special name to your new pet. There are no rules on naming a dog. You can name your puppy by any name you want.
Naming a dog is important for dogs will react to that name over time. We can communicate to our pets by calling their names. If a dog hears you calling his name, it means that you need something for him, like telling him that it is time to eat or to do a certain trick.

For those who are having a hard time deciding what to name their puppies, here are some neat tips:
• Check your dog’s breed or heritage
Check out your dog’s breed or what country your dog’s breed originates to get a good name for your dog. Beagles for example have a good sense of smell so you can call them Sniffers or Sherlock. A Scottish breed like a Scottish terrier can be called Kaitlin or Bailey.

• Look at your dog’s appearance
Use a special physical trait to name a dog. Spot, Tiny and Brownie are common dog names that reflect the dog’s physical trait. You can use the dog’s color, size, length of tail and others to come up with a good name for him.

• Name him after your favorite sport or hobby
Since your dog is now a part of the family, you can name him for an activity that your family loves. If your family loves to cook and eat might as well name your pup, Chef. If you love sports like baseball you can come up with a name such as Umpire.

• Name him after some of the famous dogs in history
Naming a puppy over a famous dog is a common practice of many dog owners. Many Collie owners call their pets Lassie while many German Shepherds are called Rin Tin Tin. Other popular dogs in cinema or television include Balto, Digby, Duke, Fang, Goofy, Happy, Hachiko, Marley and Max.

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