The ins and outs of potty training a dog

You get a puppy and bring him home. You have work in the morning, and you have a great day, you’re coming home to a poop-stained floor and your carpet went from white to yellow somehow. Your dog is just sitting on the chair looking innocent and you know he’s done it. You have to be patient with him because let’s all face it; you can’t get mad at those puppy eyes. So you go online or read a book about how to housebreak your new dog. You’ve come to the right place to do this.

First off, you can’t just let him/her eat whenever he wants. You have to give him/her an eating schedule to train them when to eat and that can lead on to when you know they’re going to poop or pee. You also can’t feed them whatever they want because some things will kill a dog if too much of it is given. You can: A. go to a store and buy the dog food which comes in a bag or can, or B. make your own food for him/her. A lot of people cook their own food because dog food can cost up to $50 per bag. You also need to check to see if the food is actually healthy for your kind of dog. You can’t just feed him/her a bunch of fatty foods like fries or cheeseburger.

Here comes the fun part, you must help your dog use the restroom where you want him to do his business. An example of this place could be in the backyard or in some separated room where you pick it up afterward. You can’t just let the dog out and expect him to use the restroom by himself. You have to watch him to see if he does it, because later you’re going to see a mess on your bed or in another room in the house. You got to watch what he poops too, because if he’s having diarrhea then you’re not feeding him the right stuff. You have to have patience with this kind of work too. You can’t expect the dog to be trained in one day; it takes 16 weeks of age for a puppy to be able to control their bladders and bowels. If they aren’t trained in that amount of time, then you’re doing something wrong. There can be a solution for that as well as to any other problem.