Starting the New Year Off Right for Your Dog

With the holidays over and the New Year just beginning it is not only time to plan the year ahead for yourself but for your dog too. During the holidays it is easy for us to get caught up in other things, and we often neglect the care of both ourselves and our pets due to lack of time. Throughout the holiday season many dog owners are at home less often, have less time to schedule appointments, and are fighting exhaustion during the hours that they are home. This leaves very little time for man’s best friend, which for many is a part of the family.

The beginning of the new year is a good time to get everything back in order for your pup. Not only may he be feeling a tad bit neglected, but he may also be due for a little puppy pampering as well.

There are a few things that you can do to start the New Year off right for your dog.

• Reevaluate Your Food Choices for Your Dog – There is constantly research being done on the food that we feed our dogs, and often it will provide evidence that the food we thought was good for them really isn’t. The New Year is a good time to evaluate the food you give your dog in order to be sure he is getting all the nutrition he needs.

• Shop Around for Healthier Treats – Some treats that are made for dogs contain no nutritional value, while others can promote better mouth and teeth health. Being that this is one of the only places to get these nutrients it is a good time to ensure that your dog is getting the right treats.

• Make an Appointment With a Vet – There is no better time than the beginning of the year to schedule an appointment with a vet. Starting the New Year off with a clean bill of health will put your mind at ease and ensure your dog’s safety.

• Schedule a Grooming – Last but not least, the New Year is also a great time to get your pet groomed and looking renewed. Believe it or not, your dog is probably worn out from the holidays too, and this is a great way to put the pep back in his bark.

Dogs get stressed from the holidays too, but by taking these steps you can ensure that he recovers from the holidays just like you do.