Secrets of a Healthy Dog

Dogs have long been regarded as man’s best friend. As such, a dog’s health should be treated with care to ensure that your dog will live a long and happy life. Only in the recent decades did it become fashionable for dogs to live inside the house of its owners. Dog owners often look at their dog with such care and concern, similar to the way they look at the child. Similar to pampered kids, dogs that are well loved by their owners are provided with the best possible shelter, food, training, medical care, and special treats to ensure general health and well being. Physical exercise is very important for your dog’s health. Pet health experts say that a dog which gets regular physical exercises and stays active is less likely to develop health problems than a dog which stays inactive all the time. So, it can be certainly said that lack of physical exercise is an important factor which causes dog health issues.
In addition to physical exercise, mental exercise is also important to keep the mind active and engage.
A Kong toy, which uses a hidden treat to keep a dog interested, is a good option.

Feeding your dog a healthy, balanced diet is the simplest way to prevent most dog health problems. Be sure to provide your dog with an AAFCO certified food. According to Consumer Reports, who interviewed many veterinarians, price is less important than certification. If you dog is healthy and doesn’t require any sort of dietary restrictions, then a commercial diet from a known company is fine. In general, the average companion dogs need the following nutritional profile per pound of body weight. Like people, have a constant supply of clean water to drink is essential. Give your dog the same water you give yourself (filtered etc.). To encourage drinking and urination, consider providing more than one water bowl in the house and take your dog for frequent walks if possible. Urination is nature’s way of cleansing the urinary tract and for keeping infection and stones from taking hold.

According to pet health experts, exposure to harmful chemicals is one of the main causes of canine health problems. So, limit the use of pesticides, herbicides, and weed killers to the extent possible. Second hand smoke is harmful to your dog’s health as well. So, make your home a no-smoking zone. Oral care is also essential for both dog and human health. A dog’s teeth is subject to the same stresses as your teeth. For this reason, dog’s teeth should be brushed every day to remove harmful bacteria, and other objects that could lead to bacteria and plaque buildup. Moreover Expanding your knowledge and paying attention to your dog’s health will help ensure your dog lives a long and comfortable life.