National Dog Day 2013

National Dog Day 2013 will be celebrated this year on August 26. This annual event was created by the National Dog Day Foundation to help promote and increase the public’s awareness of local pet shelters across the country. It is a day when people are encouraged to adopt a dog or puppy and save a life. Since 2004, National Dog Day Foundation has helped save over 100,000 dogs. To celebrate National Dog Day, we suggest that you consider adopting a new family member or celebrate in another way. Below is a list of suggestions for National Dog Day to get your started.

• In support of National Dog Day, dedicate a part of the day to learning about dog health problems or puppy care. Learn more about how to properly care for your dog’s health and know the dog health symptoms that will help you know when your four-legged family member needs help. Talk to your vet about puppy shots and dog illnesses to make sure that you are up-to-date on everything you need to know to keep your dog healthy and happy.

• Organize and host a fundraiser on National Dog Day to raise money for your local animal shelter. You can ask for donations in the form of money or animal food, blankets, toys and other supplies.

• Volunteer your services to a dog rescue group or your local animal shelter.

• Host a party and invite your friends to bring their dogs and puppies for a special cookout with pet-friendly treats for all dogs and puppies. Have a gift exchange similar to the ones we have at the holidays but allow your dogs to “choose” their gift from under a nice tree in the back yard.

• Post pictures of your dogs online at various social media sites informing everyone about National Dog Day and reminding them to help save a life. Create a special Facebook page for your dog to share pictures, stories and important reminders to others about dog care.

• Have a professional portrait made of your family including your dog.

• Buy a special new toy that you and your dog can enjoy playing with together.

• Take your dog on a nice walk and a picnic.

• Treat your dog to a special checkup, massage and grooming session.

• Have the vet install a special microchip ID tag so that if your dog is ever lost you will be notified when he is found.