Must Have Dog Supplies and Pet Products

Your pet dogs and puppies need daily care. They need to be properly taken care of, fed regularly and receives enough time for play and recreation.
For first time dog owners, you need to do some research about dog care tips before you go out and look for your ideal pet. You must also be aware of the basic needs of dogs and puppies.
First time dog owners also need to buy different dog supplies and accessories before he brings his pet home. These supplies and pet care accessories can be very handy for both owners and pets.
Here are some dog supplies and accessories that you should buy for your new pets:

Dog Collar with ID
Every dog must have a dog collar with an Identification Card that contains your name and contact number. This information can be useful especially if the dog gets lost.

Put your new pets on a leash when you go out for a stroll. A leash can help you control your dog and can prevent him from running away, bite other people or accidentally cross the street.

Dog food bowls
Some of the best dog food bowls are made from stainless steel and ceramic. Provide your dog or puppy with 2 bowls, one for food and the other one for fresh water. Make sure that the bowls are kept clean and wash before every feeding. For those who leave their pets inside the house for long hours, it is best to buy them automatic feeders and drinkers.

You must provide your pets with comfortable bedding. Bedding can also help them keep warm during the night. For those who do not want to buy bedding, you can just make use of your old bedding and blankets.

Dog grooming kits
Dogs need to be groomed once in a while. You need to buy them a dog shampoo, don’t use human soap and shampoo as they are not fit for dog use for they may contain chemicals that harmful to your pets. You also need to buy dog brushes to keep you dog’s fur clean and free from tangles.

Dog toys
Your dog needs toys to keep them active and prevent them from being bored or develop bad behavior. Dogs love to chew so give them soft items like chew toys. Toys are also helpful in making your dogs smarter and to develop motor skills.
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