Keeping Your Dog Safe Around the Holidays

If you have a dog at home that is part of your family you no doubt love sharing the holidays with him, that is for sure. And puppies and dogs alike love the excitement of the holidays as well, but while the holidays can be an exciting time for everyone, there are hidden dangers that lurk for your dog that you must be aware of. Most of these dangers do not affect humans, but can range from minimal to severe in pets, including dogs.

The dangers that lurk for dogs most often come in the form of something that is edible, at least something that a dog thinks is edible. Some things dogs eat by accident, while others are fed to them by unknowing do-gooders in the holiday spirit that want to include the family pet in the celebration. Either way, it could be dangerous for your beloved family pet, so there are three things to be aware of that you should do everything possible to keep your dog from getting his teeth on this holiday season.

1. Holiday Plants – There are a number of plants that can be dangerous to dogs if ingested, some only mildly but some that can be very deadly. It is often heard that poinsettias are extremely dangerous to animals but, while they can make your dog sick, this is the least of your worries. The holiday plants you really have to watch out for are mistletoe and holly, as they definitely present more danger.

2. The Christmas Tree – The Christmas tree is not the most dangerous holiday threat to your dog, but it can make your dog pretty sick. You will want to keep the pine needles picked up and be sure to steer your dog away from munching on the boughs of your tree in order to keep him healthy. Not only will you possibly have some mess to clean up but your dog’s stomach and mouth may suffer as well.

3. Holiday People Food – Most dog owners know that dogs shouldn’t have certain people food, but many also forget about this during the holiday season. Spicy foods and chocolate are the most important ones to stay away from, as they tend to make dogs the most uncomfortable.

It’s great having a dog to spend the holidays with but it is important to keep him safe so you can enjoy more holidays in the future.