Fun and interesting facts about dogs and puppies

As the saying goes, “A dog is a man’s best friend” but for many of us our dogs and puppies are much more than friends, they are part of our family. As with any other family member, you want to learn as much as you can about your dog or puppy. Having more dog and puppy information can help you understand dog health problems, puppy care and puppy training. Below are some interesting facts about dogs that you may not know and that may answer some of the dog questions you have wondered about but never stopped to research.

• All dog breeds can be traced back to a weasel-like animal 40 million years ago. In ancient Egypt, dogs were like family members as they are today to many people. When a pet dog died, owners would mourn for days even to the point of shaving off eyebrows.
• You may already know that chocolate is harmful to dogs but so are cooked onions, anything with caffeine and macadamia nuts. Grapes and raisins can cause renal failure and apple and pear seeds (because they contain arsenic) can kill a dog.
• Dogs have sweat glands in between their paws so do not cover paws during hot months.
• If a mother gives birth to puppies by caesarean, it is important not to clean up the puppies before giving them to her or she may reject them.
• Kubla Khan owned more dogs than anyone else – – he owned 5,000 Mastiffs.
• The most popular name for a female dog is either Maggie or Molly. For male dogs, the most popular names are Jake and Max.
• In Chinese astrology, people who are born under the sign of the dog are described as being loyal but a little bit temperamental.
• According to the philosopher Plato, “A dog has the soul of a philosopher.”
• Dalmatians do not have spots when they are born, they are completely white when they are first born and develop spots later.
• Dogs have excellent hearing. They can hear sounds four times farther away than a human can hear and they can find the source of a sound in about 1/600 of a second.
• The country with the highest population of dogs is the United States followed by France.
• In the United States, Canada and England, the most popular breed of dog is the Labrador retriever.
Your dog likes sweets more than your cat because it has about 1,700 taste buds compared to a cat, which has only 473 taste buds (although sweets are not necessarily good for your dog, especially chocolate).