Dogs Teaches Kids Life Lessons Too!

Owning a dog does not end in just providing additional security for your house and your family. Pets are also more than a play thing for they can be excellent friends and companions for your kids. There are many important things that a child can learn from their pet dog or a puppy.

One of the most important things that a owning a pet teaches children is responsibility. When giving out a dog or any other animal as a pet, make sure that your child fully understands his responsibility to his pet. He should make sure that the pet is properly taken care of, provided with enough food and allotted lots of play time. This sense of responsibility can be carried by the child as he grows up and can be applied in other fields such as in studies or family relations. Being responsible also develops the child’s nurturing skills. By nurturing his pet, a child learns how to keep his pet safe and very happy.

By owning a pet dog or puppy, a child could further develop his communication skills. A child can learn from simple gestures what his pets want, and he could then apply this skill when he interacts with people as he watch and listen to people’s actions or voices. Pets are also good listeners, they can be great audience while your child learns how to speak, read or sing.

Pets also teach kids loyalty. Animals, particularly dogs are very loyal companions. They want to be around with their masters to play and cuddle around. They are also very loyal and very protective. Pets are also the best keeper of secrets. Studies show that many children confide their secrets to their pets. Having a pet also provides a child companionship. This is important for it prevents a child to feel lonely, afraid or have anxiety attacks.

Pets can also teach a child the facts of life such as growing up, giving birth, getting sick, and even the aspect of death. These are important for a child to learn in an early age so that he can have more respect towards his own life and the people and other living things around him. Pets can also help children cope up with many traumatic experiences.

Just make sure that the dog or puppy that you want to bring home to your child is the right breed, age or size for your child.