Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Dogs are like people. They have different characters, attitude and personality. Some dogs are more aggressive while some crave for more attention; there are also some who looks so adorable and some that strike fear in people. These different characteristics make dogs’ special and one of the best choices for pets.

Most dogs are great potential pet for kids, but there are certain breeds that stand out and being favored by many parents to give as gift to their children. These breeds are generally more protective and playful. They are also the type of dogs that needs little care making them the best companion and playmates for your child. Also having a dog can teach a child some lessons in caring, loyalty and responsibility.

There are things that you must consider first before going to the pet shop to look for puppies. The first thing that you should consider is the age of your kids and the size of the dog. A large dog can accidentally hurt a small child during play time. Also, puppies are not the best pets for small children because puppies need lots of attention.

Then there is living space. Most dogs need lots of space to run around. If you are living in a small house or a house with a limited yard, it is best to look for smaller breed of dogs.

Here are some dog breeds that are best for kids.

Collie- Collies are one of the best dog breeds for children. They are mild mannered and very affectionate. They are very loyal and can be good protectors of your home and family members.

Basset Hounds- Basset hounds are great pets for small children. They are small and are never vicious or have mood swings. They are great around kids because they are very mild mannered.

Beagle- Beagles are popular with kids. These breed are small enough for kids to handle. They are very playful making them great pets for the whole family. Beagles also go along well with other pets.

Golden Retriever- Golden retrievers are one of the most intelligent and easiest breeds to train. They are very friendly, making them great family pets. They are also playful and go along well with other people or pets.

St Bernard- Because of their size, St Bernard dogs are best given to older children. They are very intelligent and very friendly. They have lots of patience and can be well trained. They are also very protective.

Labrador Retrievers- Labradors are also one of the most popular dogs for children. They have great personality and very loyal. They are also very playful and can be very protective at times.

There are many dog breeds with great potential as good pets for children and it is your job as the parent or guardian to look for one that is perfect for the kids. Most dogs make good playmates and family pets. Just look for breeds that go along with people and are very trainable. Dogs that are low maintenance and do not shed heavily are also great for kids.