Basic Dog Training Tips

Training your dog is part of owning a dog. A properly trained puppy will lead to a well behaved dog in the future. Training will also help your pets to behave well and avoid behavioral problems.

Proper dog training can also teach your dogs to perform tricks like standing up or playing dead. With proper training, dogs can also be taught to do simple chores like getting the newspaper on the front yard or guarding your home while you are away.

Here are some starter tips on how to train your dogs:

• Have one person assigned to train your dog

For starters, only one person should train the dog. This will let the dog be familiarized with certain voice commands or actions. Different people training the dog might lead to confusion on the part of the dog because different people use different tones to their voices or different movements to their gestures. Assign the dog training to the most patient member of the family.

• Teach one command at a time

Teach simple tricks or commands at the early stages of your training. It is best to train your dog one command at a time. Just move on the next command when your dog has properly memorized your command.

• Give rewards

Give your dog incentives for every trick or command that he has executed perfectly. You can praise your dog by patting their heads or saying something nice to him. Giving small food items like dog biscuits will help your dog more motivated to learn and follow your commands.

• Do not punish your pet

Dogs needs time to learn new tricks or commands. Pet owners should be patient in teaching their pets new commands. Do not punish your dogs for not following you. Hitting them or shouting at them will make them nervous. Just use the word “NO” if your dog is misbehaving or when he is too lazy to follow commands.

• Schedule your training time

It is best to train your dogs on a daily basis. This will enable him to remember all the tricks that he has learned from the previous days. It is also best to integrate your play time and training time in order to make the training session more enjoyable.

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