Basic Dog Care for Youngsters

Dogs are like people. They should be given much love care and attention. Dogs and puppies that are given lots of care as they grow exhibit so much loyalty to their owners. Taking care of your pets lets them live healthier and happier lives away from serious ailments and other problems. Even if you are young, you can certainly take care of your pets.

Here are some Basic Dog and Puppy Care tips you should know.

Collar your dog and attach an ID to it. Indicate in the ID your dog’s name, your name, address and contact number. This would prove useful especially when your dog gets lost and for someone who would happen to pick him up so the person can locate the owner.

Bath your dog regularly. Your dog should be given a full bath at least once a month. Too much bathing can be harmful to your dog for it can dry out the skin and coat that can result to skin irritations and infection. If your dog become a bit dirty, it is better to clean him up with a damp towel.

Grooming should be done on a regular basis also. Puppies as young as 4 months can be given comb schedules to keep their coat healthy and tangle free. It also removes their dead hair and other dirt.

Give your pets a monthly physical examination. Check your pet’s feet for any wounds or injuries. It is also best to look into their mouths for any sores or tooth problems. Try also to clean their ears. It is also best to check out what’s underneath their coat for there might be fleas, mites and other parasites living in your pet’s skin.

Dogs need lots of exercise so walk them everyday for a few blocks in your neighborhood. Walking and playing keeps the dog fit as well as keeping their behavior problems at bay.

Know your dog’s nutritional needs. Nutritional needs differ from the age and breed, so better ask around or do some research on which types of food and the right amount is best for your pets. Dogs also need a lot of fresh water to drink.

Visits to the veterinarian are also a must. Have your pets vaccinated with anti rabies and other vaccines.

Provide ample living space for your dogs and puppies. Have them built a dog house outside your home for them to stay out of the house during the night.

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