Basic Dog and Puppy Grooming Tips

Dog grooming is one of the essential tasks of pet ownership. Proper grooming can lead to healthier dog for you can avoid lots of dog health problems if you keep you dogs clean. Proper grooming can also lead to happier pets which are free from nasty parasites that can cause serious dog diseases.
Here are some basic puppy care tips for new pet owners:
Bathing is one of the least favorite grooming activities of dogs. It is best to have a regular bath time schedule for your dogs and puppies so that they could get used to this grooming procedure. Most dogs need a bath once a month, but taking them for a weekly bath or a twice-a-month bath can also be ok especially if your dogs love to play outdoors. Just make sure that you’ll be using a soap or shampoo designed for dogs and not your regular shampoo and conditioner.

Hair Brushing
Dogs and puppies love their hair brushed. Brushing your pet’s coat is one of the best bonding moment between pets and owners. It also keeps your pet’s coat healthy, away from tangles and free from dirt or falling hair.
Different dog breeds needs different combing needs. Dogs with long hair needs regular brushing to keep their coats tangle free and free from dirt and other objects. Medium-haired breeds can be groomed at least once a week while short haired dog can be good for weeks without brushing.

Nail Trimming
Your dogs need to have their nails trimmed to avoid getting themselves hurt or accidentally scratch their owners while at play. It is best to ask your veterinary technician on how to trim your pet’s nails and how often do they need trimming.

Ear Care
Dog and puppy care requires complete pet grooming from head to toes, and that includes your pet’s ears. Unclean ears can lead to bacteria build up and that can cause serious dog illness and dog health problems. Dog ear problems can also be a sign for allergies.
The best time to clean your dog’s ears is after they have taken a bath.
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