5 Tips for 1st Time Dog and Puppy Owners

Having a pet dog or puppy takes a lot of dedication and responsibility. It also consumes a lot of time and effort for both pet and owners to connect with each other. In this situation, the dog owner should show a lot of patience in order to fully understand his pet’s needs and behavior. For first time pet owners, this can be a pain and struggle. To help you out, check our tips for 1st time dog and puppy owners below.

• If possible choose puppies and not adult dogs

Puppies can be easily trained. You can also teach them to behave and show tricks. Older dogs can get stubborn or has already developed an attitude that is hard to erase or change. By choosing a puppy, you can teach your pet good behavior right from the start.

• Use voice commands

Use your voice to give out commands to your dog. This will help him develop his sense of loyalty. Voice commands can also help your dog to notice your emotions and moods. You could also use your voice while playing with him or praising him for a job well done. Use low toned voice to tell your pet what he did wrong. Don’t hit your pets for it can make him fearful.

• Read about dog nutrition, grooming and general health

It is best to learn first what type of nutrition a dog breed needs before actually adopting one. Different dog breeds needs different nutrition. Some health problems are also more prevalent to some dog breeds as compared to others. Do your research first about what type of dog you want before going to the pet shop.

• Socialize your pet

Dogs and puppies need lot of time and affection. Try to play with them during your free time. It is also good to let other family members and friends to play with your pet so that they can be exposed to more human behavior. It is also good to take them outdoors once in a while so that they can roam freely or get to see and meet other pets.

• Buy dog and puppy toys

Puppies are very active and playful. They also love to scratch and munch. So to avoid your shoes to be chewed upon, it is better to buy your pets some toys. Some chewing toys are safe for puppies for they are made from organic materials like cow hide. These types of toys also help the puppies develop strong teeth. It also helps the dogs to have clean teeth and gums.

Take care of your pet puppies so when they grow old, they will become your best friend and loyal companion.